Lopsided Garden and Lumpy Roses (Part 4)

serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)October 2, 2009

Everyone, run-and-hide! its the Chronicles of the Lumpy Garden Saga! LOL, LOL! and I'm stilllll waiting for the buds from Tiffany to bloom and tons more Lincoln buds still left. I believe September-October is truly the time of the Lincolns! I have never seen so many buds ever!

Here is Climbing America:

Penny Lane: if heavy rains fall it ruins the pretty blooms so that the final shape is truly a mushroom, but if there is sun, it remains dainty and sweet.

Tiffany at the time I wrote was trying to reach Lincoln's height! It went from 5'2 to 5'6" within just 3 days (it's way taller than me now! and it's just a first-year root. Maybe this is why its buds haven't bloomed yet. Only one has so far bloomed.

Potted Special Occasion remains short, squat and wide (looks more like a ground cover rose, LOL)

Gemini which fell sick is valiantly sending out lots of new baby stems/leaves. What a trooper! so it has only a bare handful of roses while it is recovering and doesn't have enough energy to create its lovely exhibition hybrid tea form.

Fragrant Cloud only sent one barely photographical bloom (I think it hates the Autumn rain-weather and prefers the brighter sunshine of Spring and Summer)

Finally, here is Lincoln! I am sooo excited I finally got the 2nd classical hybrid bloom ever! (the first and only other time was in May)! It is still nowhere even a 10th as lovely as JeffAurora's, but it's a start!

But then to dampen my enthusiasm I got this reallllly hideous photo of another spiraling Lincoln that mushed out. Darn!

I thought these were comical Lincoln blooms getting stuck amidst the foliage. One is huge! 6" across (I like to exaggerate and say it's a 1/2 foot blossom). I had five actual 6" blooms, the rest were normal Lincoln sizes; I brought out the measuring tape to see if next year I can get a Guiness Book record bloom too!

Silly Lincoln created this strange petticoat! Hahaha!

More big blooms

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Wes, just like you requested I posted all my Lincoln closeups.

Now here is my chronology of how tiny my first year Lincolns used to be and how they grew, nourished by that Gardenville Sea Tea....I had to go back and check the exact dates.

April 23, 2009:

June 19, 2009:
(in this photo look for the brilliant red blooms and you will see where they are at-below the 1st and 3rd windows)

September 28, 2009:

October 1, 2009:
final bloom stage clustered together in left corner.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Wow! Very nice serenasyh! Love Eluane in those pics. (LOL)
I never realized your growing season was so much different then ours.
We can't plant container grown plants in the ground until the end of May. I planted May 15, 2009, but, had 3 freezes at night which I had to protect them.

WoW! Again! Love the pics!


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Beautiful photos and I love your dog!

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What beautiful roses you have. You have a knack for picture taking. Great shots. Judy

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phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)

Serena if your roses a lopsided then give me a yard full of them. Boy what GORGEOUS roses you are growing, that sea tea you use must be some good stuff I'm going to have to find me some. Your AMERICA is just STUNNING and MR. LINCOLN is AWESOME also. How nice it is to be able to just open your window and see such BEAUTIFUL roses. LOL LOL

P.S. I forgot to mention your GEMINI I've amired this rose for a long time and this month I adding it to my garden.

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OHHHHHhhhhhh nice Lincoln.... thank you very much. I planted the one your about to see last year which did produce five good sized blossums by late June 2009 and 3 more just prior to the frost. This year in in May2010 it did have four buds one that was clipped when opened for the Mrs and the other 3 kind of got stolen by some passer byer.
At that time this one was still smaller than the one you show from 2009
2010 Site openeing was April 10th
April showers bought more May showers and they bought June down pours and trenchial doun pours untill late July.Breaks in the rain bought me out there for airating the soils at least once a week. Assuming an avg of 13 inches a week might be a lil much for any well rained soil I figured that it needed to be done to help it dry out between rains. After and during the breaks in rains the leaf cutters showed up and yummmie on the leaves right after that was BS season omg I bellowed what next. No leaves in July might mean no blossums this fall. No need to push it now am I right ? As I did just want him to grow any lil bit ended up somehow getting me to these postings.

Oddly as I took this pic today I got this sudden recolation of how you have the border collie and OMG it went click.
OHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh I picked the runt of the litter from the breed of Lincoln Reds.
Anyways here he is As seen from the top focusing down

fertilizing ended for him on the last week of August with a sea tea mix with fish emulsion and he kind of went boom. No I dont have time to push him now but Ill do that in spring
Having the same numbers NPK as Gardenvilles The sea tea came from Worms Way ( 3 miles away from me )as did the fish emulsion. When you told me this information I did some searching befor going there and bought my notes to make double triple and once again sure of what I was getting
Conclusion: Here I am feeding him vitamins when what he wants is a big surf and and turf type of dinner. I send a million thank yous for setting me on the corner stoll and telling me that the laces on my gloves just wern't tight enough.
* note my interpitation and understanding of ZERO competition

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Kind of read your Mr lincoln thread again and Yes Mr Lincoln Red can and will flower into and with frost on his blossums. In 2009 mine had a meer three blossums on him for 2 weeks into Nov. Don't be fooled by this final show though his roots will still need protecting in colder zones if not for any reason do root protect to get that very last show to finish.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I'm inhaling Mr Lincoln. Miss this rose. Still have Tiffany ~ a dependable lovely rose.

Those are the prettiest shots of Special Occasion I've ever seen. Maybe I need this rose.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Awwwww, thanks so much, Jim, Lana, Harold, Judy, Wes and Iris Gal! But truly the term Beautiful should be reserved for Lana, JeffAurora, Boxofrox, KristinFlower, Ingrid, and Marina, LOL!. My roses are just happy, lively, cutesy pie roses! as common as sunflowers and daisies, LOL! And Harold, I too am impressed by how you can make Fragrant Cloud such a true beauty too. No one else!!!! besides you can ever make it into a gorgeous spiraling hybrid tea form and your wonderful blessed bouquets for the retirement homes are a true inspiration.

Wes, I urge you to get Gardenville Tea instead. Wes and Harold, it is soooo different than any other sea teas you will find. It is very rich, thick and dark! completely different in ingredients as well. Not only does it have fish emulsion and kelp but it also has other power goodies like humus, compost tea, and molasses. To a rose's taste buds it's like dining on caviar/black truffles, LOL! and it even resembles caviar/black truffles in terms of coloration, hee-hee, (Gardenville Sea Tea is blackish in appearance). I had to mail-order mine and it is worth every drop in the bucket! LOL! LOL! It is absolutely fabulous! As you can see for 1st year roses to look so mature, it's all due to that Gardenville. Tiffany, I looked out today and was shocked that it is now less than one foot shorter than my tall Lincolns. I just can't imagine that such a young own root rose can grow to 6 feet! Likewise the potted climber roses that I received in mid-July are trailing all over the tall tomato cage supports and! the floor of my patio as well. Trying to bring them down from the patio is going to require some major liftings and scratched-up arms and legs, LOL. These climbers used to have just these itty-bitty root systems and just two thin delicate canes, but no longer, LOL!

Harold you will love your new Gemini. It is still my favorite rose and it is famous for its spiraling form and coloration. Next year I'm going to try to get a cutting of it as well because it is a fragrance sport and I'm trying to preserve its lineage in case anything should happen to it...(tree roses are very! fragile because the crowns are completely!!! exposed--canker is a huge problem with tree roses).

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Serena I really like your first photo of Special Occasion, and of course your other photos. Your Mr Lincolns sure grew quick, and I love your garden shots of them.
Also good luck with the cuttings of Heidisommer someone is giving you ( I read on another post somewhere ), it does grow well from cuttings. Maybe you could get someone to graft one for you or pay a nursery to, just incase your cuttings don't strike.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Aww, thanks, Karen! I often feel that I have such goofy roses, bless them, compared to everyone's truly beautiful roses. But they seem very happy and abundant. Gemini's baby stems, leaves seem to be coming in strong as well. I just hope that our winter season will remain mild. I would like to see some snow though! LOL! I just don't want ice storms! Gentle insulating snow is fine. Every year we get less and less snow and the snow always seems to vanish within the day. Whoops, I shouldn't be talking of snow right now, LOL, LOL! Karen, thanks also for the good luck wishes for Heidesommer!

How is Ray doing? How does he feel after 2 weeks of the Radiation therapy. Is it as exhausting/physically tiring as Chemotherapy? Is he able to come home for this weekend this time? I am keeping prayers for him, Sue and Adele! How will they be able to test out the progress of the Radiation's effectiveness for Ray? Are they going to take another XRay at the end of the treatments?

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Nice roses!
Charles B.

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phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)

Serena, just wanted to say that I wiil be getting my GEMINI next monday, I also ordered BRIDE'S DREAM, BRIGADOON, FOLKLORE, and VALENCIA. All these rose will be on fortuniana stock. Mr. Mills the owner of K&M roses will be delivering them to our rose society meeting monday, I'm already sharpening up my shovel. HA HA

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carrieburgess3(5 NS, Canada)

Wow Serena!!!!! I don't even know where to begin. I love them! I love them all!! Amazing!

Carrie B.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Thanks so much Charles, Carrie and Harold!

Charles, I can't wait to see when you can post a link to your absolutely stunning orchids. Believe me, those rose folks would be swarming your gallery, I am sure of this. If we are so lucky to have you revisit, start a new thread along with your neighbor's next set of roses with the orchids as part of the title, and I bet you'll have some rose-converts who want to grow orchids as well after seeing your magnificent photos.

Harold, LOL! hurray, we've got Lana's Folklore and! now we will both have our lovely Geminis!

Here is a second set of photos from Gemini.

I forgot! to post my photos of Aromatherapy. For some reason, LOL I always forgot one rose bush when I post! LOL! Aromatherapy is either lavender pink or bubblegum pink depending on the weather usually. Neither can it make up its mind on what size to bloom. It's either large sized or regular medium-sized blooms.

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Your to funny serenasyh you do make me laugh in a friendly way though. From roses that cant make up there mind on how big and what color it wants to be to lop sided roses OMG to funny all them beauties need is a good earth tipping a lil left and a lil to the right maybe?? I guess when it comes to roses you'll get the mungreals I'll get the runts at the end they are still beautifull.

PS guess which runt rose here has a small lil bud seen today.

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phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)

Serena your pictures of GEMINI get better with each photo and I can hardly wait to get mine if it turns out half as good as yours I'll be more than pleased. I didn't know that you had AROMATHERPY such a BEAUTIFUL rose,your going to bankrupt me buying roses. HA HA LOL LOL

Serena what has happen to JIM, I pray noting bad. let me here from you.


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Serena, your Hybrid Teas look spectacular. I really like the color of Aromatherapy. Sweet looking dog!

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Aw, thanks Wes, Harold and Krista! We've had cold, cold weather and I still have tons of buds forming (brilliant color is peeking out) but they're on my biggest-bloomin' hybrid teas so whether they can beat the icy cold I seriously doubt. The more gigantic the rose bloom (like America and Lincoln) the longer it takes to open up. It is unusually cold for this part of October in Kansas. 1/2 of Gemini's beautiful baby leaves are already unfolding, poor things! and they are SURVIVING as if it were still a gentle spring. Blooms are likewise preserved in the cold (think floral roses in the refrigerator), they just don't fade!

What's weird is that Special Occasion gave me its biggest bloom of the year in this cold, icy weather.

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I hope this will remove any doubts you may have on certain teas


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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

looks great serenasyh! you should have a great bloom show next season!


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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

loved seeing your progression!

some gorgeous blooms, too!

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