what is this!

JMM2007June 19, 2014

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is? I was doing some yard work for my aunt and I saw this tree and asked her about it. She said she thinks it was a cherry tree because when she moved in last year the berries were red and the birds and squirrels loved them. There was a sucker coming out of the base and when I grabbed it to pull it I got stuck with thorns. I looked closer and each branch had these needle like curved thorns, kinda like rose bush thorns. I didn't think cherry trees had thorns? Also when I went out to the alley to mow there was the exact same branches,berries, and thorns growing in the alley. But these were more like bushes not a tree.

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What city and state?

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Some sort of hackberry?

Pictures of the leaves, flowers and berries would really help.

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It could be a Jujube.

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