Please critique my SFG plan

elb2012March 31, 2009

This will be my first year with SFG and I'm still a little tentative about where to place what. Would anyone be willing to critique my plan? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Each plant is a square and each squash and determinate tomato takes up 2 spaces (except the romas...going to try to squeeze them in). First bed is 4x8 and the second is 6x6.

There will be trellises between the last and second to last rows of the 6x6 box as well as along the left=hand side.

Rosemary Thyme Parsley Carrot

Sage Cilantro Oregano Carrot

Cayenne Cayenne Scallion Scallion

Banana Pepper x 3 Jalapeno

Bell pep. Bell Bell Jalapeno

Determinate Tom. Roma Roma

Determinate Determinate

Bush Bean x 4

Squash Bush Beans Bush Beans Squash

Determinate Strawberry Straw Straw Straw

Indeterm. Basil Cuke Cuke Sqaush

Indeterm. Basil Cuke Cuke Squash

Pole Beans Indet Grape Tom. Grape Tom. Indet Pole Beans

Cantaloupe Cuke Indet. Indet. Cuke Cantaloupe

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

elb - your layout is really difficult to translate, because of the format. You'll get tons of suggestions if you sketch something on paper, then scan it as a photo.


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leemn(z4 MN)

I haven't tried SFG gardening yet, but I don't think genetics will change with SFG, if you plant Hot peppers next to Sweet bell peppers they will cross polinate and you will get mild hot peppers and Hot Bell peppers.

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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

1st thing - NEVER make the bed wider than 4ft. Unless of course, YOU can reach to the middle of it w/o stepping into the bed. In fact, if you are short you probably should make it less than 4ft wide. 2 or 3ft beds are not uncommon, even 1ft if you want access to everything.

2nd Always indicate where North is. w/o knowing which way is north it is only guessing to comment.

The pepper thing is only if you will be saving seed, then you can hand pollinate.

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