lily of the nile (agapanthus africanus)

utah_mary(z8 UT)June 16, 2003

Hello all...again, new to SW gardening & need all the help I can get. We are in St. George, UT. & have already had over a month of 100+ temps. Just got suckered into a beautiful Lily of the Nile, not knowing if it will even grow here. Everything I've read on the forum about them is from the SE. Anyone here had any luck? I've learned that NOTHING that says "full sun" goes in full sun...or can this? Will it survive the winter (USDA 8-Sunset 10)? It's so pretty, I'd hate to kill it. Thank you. mary

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kazooie(kapiti coast, NZ)

i live near phoenix, and had planted some lily of the nile during the fall one year. they were planted along a north facing wall and did very well until about mid-summer. one even flowered. it seemed like they liked the shade, but once the intense heat an full sun got to them, i could not keep them happy. i have not tried them again, and since have replaced them with other plants.

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nmnative(7 NM)

I took a trip to California and they were growing all over the place there. Just had to have one. It survived in my yard but I have yet to get a bloom. Moved it to a shady area this summer to see if it will do better. I think it may freeze in your area. Look it up at

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utah_mary(z8 UT)

Thank you both very much for your responses. I had a feeling this guy was going to be a problem. It's much too pretty to not be pampered. I'll scope out a part-shade spot for him & check out the plant adviser. Again, thank you. mary

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I live in Phoenix AZ, I have mine in FULL sun, they grow great and are in full bloom. I have them on a drip system in the heat of summer with once a week (3 hr) timing, during cooler times of the year I do not water as often.

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utah_mary(z8 UT)

creatvinaz...FULL sun?! I didn't know anything here grows in full sun, no matter what the tag says! I keep reading that these things grow like weeds in CA. & can't imagine that they can take the heat. The sprinkler system alone is a "devil-machine" to me. We have a small area on the side yard that we have killed the grass & want to put on drip but, the more I read, the more confused I become. Thank you for your response. This poor baby needs to get out of the pot & into the dirt...sand. I believe that if it'll grow for you in AZ, it has a chance here. Thanks again...mary

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I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and mine, too are in full sun. They are all over Jacksonville planted in full sun.

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kikikalena(CA z9 Sunset14)

I have both the dwarf and regular sized ones. Here, they are a totally carefree plant. The ones that are in full sun will get burned leaf tips, especially if I don't water them. (I have a habit of forgetting to water for weeks) The ones I have that are near the house and get afternoon shade always look perfect, even without water for weeks. The temps here do not get as hot as where you are. I think you should look for a protected spot with some shade during the hot afternoons. Ugh, you have have 100+ temps for a month?Also you will need to dig them up and store them for the winter.

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laa_laa(Sunset /8 or 9)

Kazooie, perhaps they would do better away from a wall. It has always been my experience that anything against a wall is more strongly affected by heat.
We just bought several Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile), since we have taken out over 20 years of growth and are re-doing the front yard.
We knew they were extensively planted here, but as is often the way, we hadn't really noticed them until we decided to get some of our own.
I went for a walk this evening and out of about 100 houses that I passed, only 2 did not have Agapanthus somewhere on the property.
They really do grow well here. The summer temperature is much cooler than it was 40 or so years ago. It only gets up to the low 100's now. When I was a child here (in the San Joaquin Valley), it was much hotter in the summer. but I remember Amaryllis and Agapanthus even then.
The winter has a few freezing nights usually, but it doesn't bother the Agapanthus. In the city they get plenty of water, but some say that they are somewhat drought resistant. Wonderful plants.

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We grow them in Souhthern Nevada and they can take quite a bit of sun but make sure they are surrounded with organic mulch and / or grass ect to help avoid reflected heat ... they also can do fairly well with less sun if the need should be ...

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big_kitty(la, ca)

here in southern cal, they are EVERYWHERE. often full sun, but they're just so pervasive that i think they can be found in all diff conditions. they are also used a lot for commercial landscaping (shopping centers, apt bldgs, golf courses, etc.) and i am sure that those plants are not dug up for the winter -- they would have to be more low maintenance in those applications. also, many can be found in islands around parking lots, where there would be relatively little shade. true, our temps do not get quite as high as yours, for as long (though in the valleys, can easily be over 100 for a number of days thru the summer), but the sun is pretty blazing, nonetheless. i imagine that they do get a lot of water, since most property here seems to be irrigated quite a bit, esp the commercial properties with their massive sprinkler systems.

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bizmhamama(CA z10)

I think you may just have to be patient.
There was a clump of neglected lillies of the nile on our property when we moved in four years ago. I divided them and replanted them all over the place, many in full sun. The first couple of years, they suffered, they wilted, they burned - I watered & cut back & watered.
This year, just about every single plant bloomed. I now water them twice a week in summer and much less in winter. I consider them rather bullet-proof.
So just get past the first couple of seasons and they'll settle in.

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I live in the Mojave Desert(Antelope Valley,ca)It's 115 in the summer and below freezing in winter. Agapanthus(Lilly of Nile) Love it here! I have mine in partial shade.I transplanted mine mid-June and still didn't die!(Don't try this at home kids...ha ha)They spread out well,divide well and winter well. and come in different colors too.PJ

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