info. on Sweet Bell Peppers

mommasgonemad - 6January 7, 2001

Hi, Does anyone out grow them ,my plants keep turning out small and puny with one small pepper(if I'm Lucky) on each plant.This last season I planted 25 plants and got three peppers!Is there a certain organic fertilizer I could use to beef them up so they produce? I use plenty of Compost every year, this isn't helping. HELP!!!!mommasgonemad

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Nandina - 8b

Try posting your question on the Vegetable forum. The pros will give you some very good answers.

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Don-Mo - 6-Mo.

Hi, we grow both hot, & sweet, 8-10 varities & plant about 50- 250 plants each year.
pepper growing & care takes a lot of care. this is our program, if you see anything you need in more detail let me know.
we start all our own plants in side.
we transplant in early May into raised beds.
we remove all buds until July 1st.
they all get 12-45-10 foliar spray.
all plants are in cages.
we use soaker hoses on all plants.
keep plants harvested.
we usually harvest about 35-50 sweet peppers per plant, & several hundred hot peppers off each hot pepper plant.
all plants are mulched with straw to keep roots cool, & moist.
the plants will drop their blooms when the weather gets real hot.

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Dirkie(mid Netherlands)

I have last year in the netherlands grown my first sweet pepper in the open air. I got the seeds from a normal sweet pepper bought at the greengrocer. I planted some seeds and I had one plant. This plant was put in the vegetable garden and was at the end of the summer about 1.2 meters high. I harvested the fruits at a green stage. I harvested about 15 nice and big peppers. This year i`m also going to try to plant them in the garden. I have already about 15 seedlings of the 25 seeds i planted.

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