Sad looking chamisa

careynmJune 23, 2012

I've never had a chamisa in my yard befrore now, but we planted two last year. They are not especially happy: lots of yellowing dead leave on the inner part of the plant. Are we over watering? 1-2 times per week thinking they needed to get established. Soil is kaliche. No mulch.

Any suggestions?


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You're not overwatering, especially in this heat. They probably need more this time of year unless you've got them in a huge mulched basin and/or real problems with drainage in your caliche. Even the tough drought tolerant natives can be surprisingly thirsty when getting established.

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I would only be watering them once a week right now. The area of my garden that gets the most water is getting once a week. But water d-e-e-p. With watering too often, you open yourself up for humidity problems with plants that prefer dry air (unless you are drip watering). Your plant could be suffering from heat stress though?

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