Dwarf peach from Home Depot sick

nmikmikJuly 25, 2011

Hi there and thanks for looking at my post. I am a beginner gardener and have no clue of what am i doing. Bought this nice looking but very small specimens of dwarf peach at Home Depot. Planted in amended soil as per HD recommendation.

Watering them every day, cause it's hot right now and I really don't want them to die. They have developed this reddish tint (that was not there when I got them from HD) and it looks like something is munching at them. Bought an insect spray from the same HD, seems to be not working. BTW, my neighbors fully grown peach trees have the same problem, I just doubt they can be brought down s easily.



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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Problem #1-Never add anything to the soil that's going in the planting hole, esp. when planting trees and shrubs.
Problem #2- Never spray anything unless you know exactly why you're spraying.
Problem #3- You asked Big Box employees plant questions. They rarely are knowledgable about plants, they're there to sell you something.
What soil amendment did you use?
When and how much are you watering?
Have you contacted your local County Extension Office and asked for help?
Have you asked your neighbors about their trees? "Something munching" on the trees isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Also, the picasaweb link wouldn't open.

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I guess I messed up ha?

a. I just bought amended soil for the whole front yard and mixed that in in the planting hole. I have no idea what it is amended with.
b. Spray says that it takes care of insects on the fruit trees.
c. I am watering them daily in the morning around 6am and evening around 7pm.
d. I have not contacted County Extension Office, cause I had no idea of it's existence
e. Neighbor know just about as much as I do about this things, but again,managed to grow the trees to mature size.

Thanks again,

& let's see if this will work


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Its ok to add a soil amendment, but add it at a 50% or less amendment to native soil. Although this doesnt sound like the issue at hand you are watering it to much. I water all my fruit trees about every third day. They were planted in early spring and I have noticed that my Florida Prince peach, Desert Gold peach, and Katy apricot are doing what your peach tree is doing. That slight red color to them. I believe its just the heat stress. At my last house I had the same thing happen to a Florida Prince peach tree the first year I planted it. The next year it was fine. BTW, I am the department head of one of those "Big Box" garden centers, and I can tell you we have VERY knowledgable associates working for us. Or at least at my location.

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