rugosa rosas in Santa Fe, NM??

PvBmeJuly 23, 2014

Want to grow low growing but spreading roses in my very windy, hot, sunny, open area of my garden in Santa Fe, NM. Any suggestions? Thank you

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Drive around and look for roses growing in similar exposures - if you find some thriving ones , leave a note for the owner and ask what it is.

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Thanks, Lazy Gardens...good idea!

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

Not a rugosa (which if I recall can get rather large), but seafoam has performed wonderfully for me. It is definitely windier at my place than it is in Santa Fe.

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Thanks so much, I'll look into it. The area is very bright and glary and was so hoping for something in the dark pink family. Where I live in SFe is prairie like.

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Rugosas in the area can be kept fairly low, and most winters they survive with little damage. Be sure to water them well through the winter because most damage I see is due to descication, and not low temperature. Also, the David Austin roses grow superbly in the area, have beautiful blossoms, and are pretty easy to maintain. I think they beat out the rugosas for many landscaping uses. There are several rose plantings of both the Austins and rugosas in the area between the plaza and veterans cemetery.

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