LHODGE_7(z7 NM)July 19, 2004

I am so proud! I've just grown my 1st tomatoes!!! They are the patio type!

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Congratulations on your accomplishments! My hubby likes home grown tomatoes much
better so is my puppy.

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Has anyone noticed the tomatoes this year (2004)are growing slower then last year? We've also noticed some curly leaf going on this year, had none last year at all. Anyone have any advice about this


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Hi Joey;-

I am far from a tomato expert. However I too am experiencing the tomatoes leaf curl this year
for the first time. With mine, I came to the conclusion that is was an unusual hot and dry season this year.
My tomatoes are planted very close to the jasmine so I think it is safe to blame thrips and to much water
to be the cause.

Please check the leaves closely for mites, aphids and whiteflies.

The link provided below is to the tomato pest & diseases forum, there are quite a few posts discussing this
subject that I think could be most helpful. If you like you could also post a question and give details on
growing conditions so they could help you. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tomato Pests & Diseases

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Anyone winter sowing tomatoes? I sure would love to know and understand the winter sowing idea, any help would be appreciated Margaret

Here is a link that might be useful: seed swapping site

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i grow tomatoes,,,,lots of them...but i dont bother until april here in ca.....the outside temp at night must be 55degrees or warmer for tomatoes to grow properly...hope this helps you...jim

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