N-Rich Blended Compost (Kellog's) OK??

cross_stitchMarch 15, 2010

I've been composting for years and emptied our entire load onto our row garden last month. We made our first SFG (table top style) last week. Now we need compost and I found this product at Home Depot: Kellogg's N-rich Soil Enriching Compost. The label indicates it's a blend of kelp meal, worm castings, bat guano, chicken manure and 'natural forest products'. Would this satisfy the recommendation that a SFG include 5 kinds of compost?

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angela12345(7b NC Mixed-Humid)

I don't know if it satisfies the 5 kinds of compost requirement, but I do know that another product by this same company is the one that is used in Mel's Mix that you can buy pre-packaged from the SFG website. It contains something like 12 ingredients. I understand it is the one called Gardner & Bloome Soil Building Compost. That is the only compost in the Mel's Mix because it is already mixed. I have been told this, although I have never had it confirmed from SFG Foundation or from Gardner & Bloome.

You could call Kellogg's and see how it compares to their N-Rich. If you do call them, please report back here what you find. You could go ahead & use the N-Rich and then also buy a mushroom compost and a manure compost (both pretty easy to find - I found mine at Lowes Walmart & Ace Hardware) and I think you would be good. Especially if you could find them from a couple different manufacturers. Check the address on the bag - sometimes the same manufacturer packages under different brand names, but it may be the same stuff.


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Angela, thanks for your info. I had already contacted Kellogg and so far, no response. I specifically asked them if the order of the list of ingredients reflected the predominance of that material in the product. i.e. is kelp meal the dominant component since it is first, followed by worm castings then bat guano, etc.? Hope they respond.

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Ray_Scheel(z8b/SS31 E. TX)

That is a "good start", but I'd still look for a couple other types. Part of the reason for looking for a blend is to mitigate any one supplier not providing a "good" compost product, but a pre-made blend does help get in the trace nutrients even if it ends up either not being cured well.

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I was using N-Rich Blended Compost because of the promoted
organic contents. One area they fail to be specific on is "local derived compost" materials. I suspect this is landfill compost and that it includes ground up old housing lumber which is often times coated in paint. I noticed when closely inspecting the ground up lumber pieces I could see chips of the outside painted surfaces. White as used by fencing shows up the most but other colors are there if you look. The interior wood is just aged wood grindings but there is no way to know what lumber they are grinding up. Many could have very toxic wood that was used as treated fence posts. Who knows the type of paint you are putting in the garden for your food. Companies like Kellog obviously pretend to be wholesome but they avoid showing contents in detail that the consumer would likely steer clear of.

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