advice please: mother's day project for scouts

sari(z8 OR)January 26, 2002

A greenhouse the local university was giving away little 2 1/2 inch clay pots. I was able to get enough for my brownie and junior girl scout troop. I've put them through the dishwasher a couple times, and they've cleaned up nicely. I hope any diseases have been killed too.

I was thinking, what kind of little flowers/herbs would you suggest growing in such small pots? And when would they need to be planted to be blooming by mother's day?

Also, what kind of paints are good for decorating clay pots? I was thinking about spray painting them all with spray enamel myself and then letting the girls write on them with paint pens. That seems to be the least messy solution. Any other ideas?

Thanks, sara :)

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We had a class of 15 girls use sponges in assorted shapes (hearts, circles etc.) and choices of three spring colors. We ended up with a nice variety of pots. Since we weren't able to plant--this was a quickie project--we bought a flat of pansies or was it impatiens? (my mind is going... *LOL*).

Hope this helps.

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herbs are good because they are generally pretty drought tolerant. Thyme, for instance. Unfortunately I've had trouble keeping lavender or rosemary alive in smallish pots. Also, you might try funky succulents like haworthia, aloe, sedum. They are a sure bet.

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Martela_N_GA(7 NW GA)

I do Daisies and we are planning to copy a little project my son's teacher did last year. Forget-me-nots in jiffy plugs set down in the little pots. She had painted the pots a nice blue and then let each child make a flower design (simple daisy type) by dipping their finger tip in paint and dabbing it on. She painted each child's name and date on them. Easy and real cute, too. Good luck!

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Paint Advice: Childrens Tempera paint will wash off. So the paints need to be acryllic to hold up. Also, don't totally seal the pot with paint on the outside or the moisture will cause the paint to flake off in a very dramatic fashion. Experience speaking. Consider dropping in some packing peanuts (non water soluable kind) into the bottom for drainage.

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how bout chives

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the only thing I ever seen pots that small used for is to start off seeds
but of course I just started gardening so there is alot I havent seen yet

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