Planning for spring with the kids.

beckyishere(6 IL)January 27, 2004

We are allready planning for spring here in our S IL home. My oldest daughter is planning veggies mixed with flowers for her garden, and my youngest daughter is planning a flower garden with flowrs that spell out her name. She would like several differnt flowers in her favorite colors for each letter. So she has been searching the seed catalogs for a flower that starts with her letters, then looking for it in her colors. I personally cannot wait to see her purple, pink, white flower garden. She understood quite quickly about staggering the sizes, and has had great fun planning for tall, medium and small plants. She is having a bit more trouble with understanding the flowering times.

My oldest wants to plant it all, she is so like me in this way. She wants huge drifts, lots of colors, and flowers that bloom non stop. She has choosen at least five different cukes, and thinks she should get more room for squash.

I would love to see more people posting about how their children are planning. This forum is one of my favorites, but seems to not get alot of traffic. Becky

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necia(z7 N TX)

Hi Becky,

I am going to type exactly what my girls want to say here:

From Katarina (11yo): In my garden I am going to put lots of sunflowers in the back. And I am going to grow morning glories up my sunflowers.

From Anastasia (9yo): My Mommy planted lots of poppies in my garden. I am going to plant petunias up front and sunflowers in the back. I like morning glories, too. Maybe I will grow then up the sunflowers like my sister. I like planting with my Momma.

Their plans sound similar! This may be a good thing because their gardens are just across from each other and it will look symetrical.

Today we are going to take cuttings of a couple of my houseplants and put them in water to watch the roots grow. Then I will have them pot 'em up. We may do some Winter Sowing later this week.


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Busy_Bee_OR(z8 OR)

Out of my 3 children, my 10 year old daughter loves gardening the most. She actually goes to the library with me, reads magazines, searches the internet and watches T.V. to get ideas for her gardens. She planted a shade garden last summer with hostas, ferns, lungwort, caladium and moss. The other 2 kids just like the veggie harvest and cutting garden.

Plus we made a bean tunnel last summer by strapping together long pieces of PVC and covering it with chicken wire and then burying opposite sides approximately 1 foot in the ground. It was fun to pick the beans both on the outside and the inside of the tunnel and on a hot day, it felt so nice to sit inside of it.

She also had fun raising cabbage whites on our purple cabbage. We usually wait until it gets dark and then go outside with flashlights to find bugs. The sphinx moth that looks like a little hummingbird is her favorite. My son's favorite is the preying mantis. My favorite is the huge fuzzy bumblebee that seems to always feed while I am working in the garden but it never bothers me. It has a really loud buzz and looks so soft but I dare not touch it.

This year, my daughter wants to make a sunflower maze and a butterfly-shaped butterfly garden.

I just discovered that this forum exists so I will try to post as we do new things.

This winter, we rooted cuttings of houseplants to make new ones. We grew a beautiful amarylis and my Christmas cactus is still in full bloom as it has been since before Christmas. We put some paperwhite narcissus in shallow bowls with rocks and water a couple of weeks ago and they are just now blooming in time for Valentine's day. Our next indoor winter project is hyacinth bulbs in a bowl. They are just beginning to sprout. My daughter loves how we can make flowers bloom in the house during winter.

Oh... one other thing my daughter is doing happened by accident. She did an experiment with celery in water where you add food coloring and watch the celery turn colors. Well... she left it in for a long time and it started to root. So now, we are rooting more celery but we are experimenting. One glass has the celery heart with the inner stalks still attached and the other glass has just the stalks.

It's fun to share ideas,

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beckyishere(6 IL)

My oldest daughter loves to grow the veggies, she is a big veggie eater so growing her own is a special pleasure. We are rooting begonias in soil right now, and this weekend we will put out some flats to try winter sowing.
My youngest seems to enjoy collecting the seeds more than she enjoys growing tham, right now her little tin is filling up, but she does not want to plant any at this time.
My two daughters want to post their own ideas here and hope to also get responses from children their own age.
I am glad to see more people posting here on this forum.


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gardening_mommy(5a / IN)

Hi all I am a newby to this site, but I wanted to share some things with everyone my children and I are planning to plant a small garden as soon as the last frost is gone they ae so excited to watch everything grow and I cant wait to plant flowers! Winter has been too long. We are more than ready for spring,summer anything just not fall or winter! Take care everyone.

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too_many_pets(LI Z7)

We are going to buy Sweet Potatoes and try to grow a vine. We have started some seeds indoors for the first time, so we'll see how that goes. We want to plant a Mary Garden too-I need to get crackin' on ordering those seeds, though! I wish this forum had more traffic,also!

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