thornless honey locust tree

stompoutbermuda(Z8DesertSunsetZ11)July 13, 2012

Who has one? Im thinking about planting about 1/2 dozen to line a future gravel driveway. But they would be in a very exposed south west spot and get really high winds (100 mph not unheard of). I could plant texas ranger, oleander or another type shrub nearby to help take the brunt of the winds if needed (but it would be gorrilla type gardening on a vacant lot next door). The winds in that direction begin in around March, so I would need the tree leafed out by that time... when do they leaf out? The winds slow down in that direction and begin coming from the north in the fall. The purpose of the trees is to provide shade in the HOT, drought tolerant (especially when older), let sun thru in the winter, wind break (without breakage which could fall on a house), some mess is okay but not too much, long lived (about 100 years would be nice). Not weedy (I dont want to have to fight sprouts from roots or seeds all the time).

The arbor foundation has a pretty good deal on some saplings which I am considering.

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I have a sunburst honeylocust. Honeylocusts are fast-growing trees that provide filtered shade.

They wouldn't be good trees for a windbreak because their canopies aren't very dense.

I suggest talking with nursery professionals in your area for ideas.

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I started out with one in my front yard (southern exposure), not supposed to be invasive,but I now have six, which I don't mind. Turns a beautiful yellow-gold in fall, but the big pods are a hassle to keep raked up. I agree probably not a good windbreak tree--mine are actually between my south windbreak (Siberian Elms)and the house. Dappled shade and you can grow annuals and perennials right up to the trunk.

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