Tatume Squash Growth

Martabean21July 10, 2014

I am growing Tatume squash in my garden this summer (Altitude ~7000ft) and though they had good growth in the beginning it has slowed down significantly. We have a very dry climate but I try to keep them well watered (multiple times a day) and have done mulching. However, I have looked into it and many people find that these plants grow well in dry climates and spread very quickly. Does anyone have any tips to help? Thank you/

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Possibly you're overwatering? I only water my mulched garden once or twice a week @4500', 7" precipitation per year. Basically the desert here.

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I live in El Paso at 3,740 ft. We get no rain until Monsoon season which starts in June. Until then it is extremely hot, windy and dry with spells above 100. I water my squash and melons daily when it is extremely hot and that has been adequate. I water in the morning or evening when it is cooler. That allows the plants to take up more water before it evaporates and prevents scorching. My plants were not mulched. My garden is lush and has faired extremely well. Now that it is monsoon season and we have had an unusual amount of rainfall I have left off watering at all. Good luck.

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