Avacado seeds

cncnorman(z7 FW/TX)February 4, 2004

Hi there. I know this topic has been run on and on but I do have a new ?.

I have tried to get three seeds to sprout with my little girls and they are having fun learning about this process. The best seed was sprouted under the kitchen sink wrapped in a moist paper towel in a ziploc baggie. Well, so they could see it I took the seed out and placed it in my rock water fountain so that they could watch it. The seed has split in half and one side has a thickish something coming out of it. (root or stem) Now here is the question part. How do I know if this is the root part or the stem? I mean theoretically I would think that the roots would develop first right? Do ya'll reckon that I should keep the two pieces together as long as possible?

Many thanks -


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shlomiesdad(very hot, very dry)

Roots go down stems go up. It works that way. Let the parts separate on their own. I like to pinch the plant when it has 2 true leaves it then develops into an attractive bush.


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cncnorman(z7 FW/TX)

I understood the general principles of root and stem develpments. My problem was that the baggie was laid down on its side so I couldn't tell which was which was developing. Thanks.

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