A Great Way to Get Kids to Eat Vegies!

homersgarden(7)February 11, 2004

This past summer my son and I planted carrot seeds in a pot. He also helped me with my tomatos. Because he was part of the garden he was so excited when the carrots were done. It was so cute to have a little 21-month-old running to the yard on a daily basis to pick "matos" and carrots. He would pull them strait from the pot, wipe them off, and eat them. He LOVES carrots now as well as tomatoes.

We keep a close eye on him and tell him what he can and can not eat. He is a little older this year and he is going to have his own garden area for his carrots, matos, and baby pumpkins.

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I fenced in my veg garden- everything in there is edible, and my kids know that if they aren't in the veg garden-don't eat it! Anyway, I tell mine to "go eat your salad!" and they run to the garden and eat spinach leaves (wow! spinach!) and lettuce leaves, broccoli florets, snap peas...later in the summer they will pick whole cukes and eat them! My garden has done wonders for the kids' health!

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