Honey Mesquite seed and Screwbean Mesquite seed

williamdentJuly 7, 2006

I would like to make a trade in order to obtain some honey mesquite and screwbean mesquite seeds (Prosopis glandulosa glandulosa, prosopis pubescens).

For trade I have available:

20 Dragon's Blood Tree seeds (Dracaena draco)

1000 Jacaranda tree seeds (Jacaranda mimosifolia)

1000 LemonadeBerry Bush seeds (Rhus Integrifolia)

1000 Melaleuca styphelioides seeds

Please help, I have had so much trouble getting ahold of these common seeds.

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randit(z8 southern NM)

Just give me Yo address, and I will be more than happy to send you a few seed pods from our young Honey Mesquites. Just picked some a couple of days ago. I don't know how long it would take to get a "useable tree"? They are YOURS, if you want them. I do not tune in to this site on a daily basis..please don't give up on me...

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I'm having a little trouble finding a way to send you a an email with my address so I'll try posting my address on this form, we'll see if the censors let it stand.

3395 Lebon Drive
Apt. 204
San Diego, CA. 92122

It'd be great if you could get those seeds to me and if you see anything on my list that you want feel free to pick and choose. By the way have you ever tried using the seeds and pods for their edible uses? Any good?

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randit(z8 southern NM)

I will try to get your Mesquite seeds in the mail tomorrow...Have fun with them. I hadn't a clue, that these seeds/pods were good for anything other than growing wonderful drought-tolerant shade trees...

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I received the seeds today and I wanted to thank you. It's amazing that I've been trying to get ahold of these for months and you took the time (and expense) to send me some within a week! I'm attaching a link to a website with a little info on the uses of mesquite. You might try looking up pinole for even more info. Thanks again and good luck with your gardening.
~Tynan Wyatt (WilliamDent)


P.S. if I get some screwbean mesquite would you like me to send you some also? It's named for it's seed pods which are very distinctive.

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randit(z8 southern NM)

Glad you got the seeds...I was happy to help out. Thanks for the link, too (haven't persued it yet). A neighbor just planted a Screwbean mesquite,..looks like an interesting plant..and she was raving about the seedpods (none formed as yet..just a small plant). Yes..if you have any to spare, I would be happy to receive some Screwbean seed. Thanks...

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I've grown all kinds of things from seed, including honey mesquite and velvet mesquite. Leguminous trees are definitely some of my favorites to grow.

As far as mesquites go, you can expect very fast growth, at least when young and with plenty of water. A year from germinating you should have a cute little plant around three feet tall, and supposedly it can start producing pods a couple years later. Germination rates are also very good (around 100%), as long as you clean the seeds well, scarify them, and let them sit overnight in water before planting in soil. Make sure to protect the young plants from herbivores, which will eat the leaves and tender shoots, setting the growth back significantly.

Also, as regards to mesquite's edibility, yes I've tried it, and it's great! A couple years ago I gathered enough pods of velvet mesquite in Southeastern AZ to grind into about ten pounds of flour (with a hand grain mill). The grinding and sifting took much more time than the harvesting, which is very quick and easy. I'm still using the last of that batch of mesquite flour to mix with regular flour for pancakes, bread, etc. It's delicious and very nutritious.

I'd love to hear more about your plant adventures. Hope this was helpful,

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I will send you some Screwbean Mesquite seeds.

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Thanks all so much for the help. Randit, the seeds are working out great, like Chris said they germinate at close to 100% and those little suckers like to grow! Sharon those screwbean seeds would be fantastic and I'll send a few on to Randit too unless you already took care of him. Talk about a great community! By the way I've expanded my seed list to include:
Southern Magnolia seed
California Pepper Tree seed
Lantana seed
Indian Hawthorn seed
Prickly Pear seed
Sacred Bamboo seed

So if anybody feels like they want some of those just let me know and I'll return the favor.

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jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)

Chris, did you grind the whole pod?

I have large mesquite trees and they produce abundantly. I have wondered how I would go about using them for flout.


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Sorry for the late response... Basically the process for making flour from the pods is the following:
1) Collect the best-looking pods from the ground when they're ripe and golden.
2) Dry in sun or parch on low setting in oven for an hour to make the pods nice and brittle for better grinding.
3) Grind whole pods in hand mill, but the seeds will be too hard, they'll just slip out whole through the grinder. That's fine because the carbs are in the pod itself.
4) Sift flour multiple times and continue to grind courser material until it's the right consistency. I actually used a high-tech blender (VitaMix) that can also grind flour, for the last stages to get it really fine. A coffee grinder would probably work in a similar way. I've even heard that is a cooperative in Tucson that has a huge flour grinder specifically for mesquite. In this case I think the seeds end up as part of the flour because the machinery can handle it. But anyway, there are lots of people who are interested in using this wonderful local resource.

A bit more info:
It's also a good idea to chew on some pods as you harvest in order to make sure you're getting the good ones. You'll notice quite a variation from tree to tree, but the best ones are usually nice and thick. Also, if you don't want to pick them up off of the ground, you can pick them right off of the tree, but they won't be quite as dry so they'll require more parching, etc.

For all of this I loosely followed a whole bunch of sources, but the book American Indian Food and Lore by Carolyn Niethammer in particular is excellent, with detailed descriptions for processing mesquite and loads of other wild plant foods. It is beautiful as well as practical, and includes lots of recipes too. I imagine it's out of print, but is probably easy to get used online.

Hope this helps,


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Id like try Honey Mesquite[Prosopis glandulosa)Seeds-best one for this area- That one grows into West Louisiana from East Texas. Best one for humid climates. Let me know what I owe you. Dave

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If anyone has a extra Mesquite seeds I sure would love them ..I don't have much to offer @ this time to trade other than Vitex " Chaste Tree" seeds or paying for postage.

Thank you


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Would also like to get a couple of different mesquite seeds, (honey and a good bearing one for flour and wood for smoking) if possible. Have nothing much to trade, but would like to pay for it if this is ok with you. Can anyone help me, even if I have to wait till summer for the seeds to ripen

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Uschi 9, I should have some pods of honey mesquite on our property from last year. Let me know how to get them to you.

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mikevanecek(Zone 8 TX)

I'm also hunting for honey mesquite seeds. I'm not sure if what I have already is honey mesquite or a regular mesquite but I'd like to get a known variety growing for my honeybees. How many years does a seedling take to get to flowering maturity?

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Looking for honey mesquite seeds, but could not post request directly to your source. Please contact me if you
can help me obtain any seeds. Thanks.

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Id really like to try Honey Mesquite here in Tallahassee

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I am looking for seeds...

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In particular this goes out to Randit. I will pay for Honey Mesquite seeds if they are genuine. Do you have or expect to have or know anyone that has them? Thank you!

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I did not realize so many people were interested in Mesquite trees. I'm in north Texas and have collected some mesquite pods this past summer. so for anyone wanting to try some you will need to send me a pm. I don't have thousands but could spare a few.

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I'm seeking seedpod of Screwbean Mesquite.

I'm interested it because of its amazing shape.

Are there anyone send me some of this amazing seedpod?

I live in Thailand, so I can send back some Thai plant seed in return.

Best regards,

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Hello All,

Am looking for some honey mesquite seeds. Don't need many, maybe 3 - 5 would work I think.

If anyone has any I would be happy to trade seeds for them. I have a ton of different kinds of seeds for edible vegetation or ornamental.

Thanks for looking.

God bless

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Hello Everybody,

I have been seeking the seeds of Honey Mesquite. I'm from Hungary, and I would like to try this plant here for beekeeping. I tried every nurseries (not just in Hungary, but in other European countries) but couldn't find it. This tree is hardly known here.
If someone could help me, I would be very happy. Of course I would pay for delivery, postage or other costs.

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Did you get your honey mesquite seeds. If not, I have hundreds. I can send as many as you like. In return, I would ask that you send me some seeds from something in your area. Hope I can help.

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Thank you very much for the good news. What kind of plants are you interested in? If you send me an e-mail, we can speak about the details. I guess I will also have something in return.
My e-mail address is wintermantel10 (at)freemail.hu.

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Wintermantel, did you get my e-mail. Haven't heard from you but need your address to send seeds.

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I too am looking for some Honey Mesquite seeds to plant. If anyone has some, I would be grateful. I have some Texas Persimmon seeds I can offer in trade.

I live in south Austin, TX near Dripping Springs.

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I will be happy to send you some Honey Mesquite seeds and the Persimmon seeds sound like a good trade. Send me your address. I will try to get them out soon.

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Thanks punkin56! I sent you a private email with my address. Please let me know if you did not receive it.

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hello id like to get some Screwbean Mesquite seeds
ill pay so plz let me know my email is pufayes@gmail.com
plz let me know as fast as possible anyone

these are some pictures of what im expecting so if anyone has plz email me thanks .





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