The Great Amarylis Race

janetflynch(6)February 22, 2009

GrannyÂs Garden School, Inc.

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Loveland, Ohio

Contact: Roberta Paolo 513-324-2873

GrannyÂs Great Amaryllis Race Results in Fun

With names like, Buzzy, Slowpoke, Bluemin Chip and Rocky Bulb Boa, school children in Loveland enter Granny's Great Amaryllis Race. ItÂs a race to the finish to see which flower blooms first. Along the way they send in reports to Bulb Central as to how fast they are growing, how many leaves there are and other details. The race encourages development of data collection and interpretation skills using measuring and graphing abilities. Students draw on their knowledge about plant and bulb parts and processes learned during the fall season to form hypotheses to answer questions and form conclusions from observed and recorded growth.

"ItÂs a real scientific project," says executive director Roberta Paolo. "We try to keep everything consistent except for the growing location. After winning for the best name in the business category, Bluemin Chip, the entry from Blue Chip Cookie, had to be disqualified when an employee put coffee grounds in the pot trying to make it grow faster."

Mr. Adkins and his second grade students proudly show off their carefully tended "Rosy," who boasts seven leaves.

For information about our programs and upcoming events, please go to:

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naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan(5B SW Michigan)

I have 5 amarylis growing right now. Never heard of having a race with them. Sounds like fun. The names are cool, too.

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