Walking with Reflections

wesley_butterflies(5b/6)October 12, 2009

I grabbed the camera and took a walk with reflections on my mind and found some intersecting things

My first reflection was this:

A sister plant from the "West Wall Garden" even though it isn't planted in ideal sun light it still does rather well and is now 5 years old.

Then I thought I'd get a good reflection if I focus down a bit

The source of water that feeds a pond out back

It took a moment to get back to the pond out back a family of swans grew well in there:

I enjoyed some time watching them grow though out the spring and summer.

As the Cat n Nine tails did well but the Water Lilies didn't really do a good show I began to question the well drained soil idea and say thank you kimmers as a reflection

Some are pink some are white and some are a light purple

There awsum when in full but oddly it just didn't happen this year.

Which kind of made me think perhaps I should focus UP and reflect in that direction:

** If you don't see a reflection keep looking up

This is a long reflection as you look behind the swans you'll see a small island in the midst of the pond On 9/11 my wife came home with a garrison sized flag given to her from a women's prison where she worked as a Nurse given to her from a guard I would grab my canoe and rowed to the other side of this island and hang the flag(s) for five years until the town ordinance folks took my canoe from me and I have to pay a fine to get it back:

The Flag would hang on this side of the island I have then since " acquired " a kayak and hid it somewhere I from time to time I still hang a smaller flag that gets removed from "the officials " from the center front of this island

Don't be dismayed this pond is a ground filter water source and a conservation site all in one, no swimming no fishing no rowing or gas motors of any type. It is I who breaks this law. My wife would get free garrison flags from her work at a women's prison handed to her from a guard after five years of free flags she took a different job no longer working at the free flag place. Since then and up to now buy smaller flags at that big guy store by the dozen.

I think I found a lil loop hole a kayak has paddles it is technically not rowing so I still continue to hang the smaller flags and they remove em when they " get around to it "a fun and trying game of cat and mouse of which no one is interested in catching this mouse ( me )

I was thinking I not post this but in good faith I trust nobody here will tell "the officials" where said kayak and spare flags are hidden. Incase you are an official this is 300 yards from the island to the left.

I am on a roll with this reflection idea it seems the best ones come from a focus down as it is getting a bit windy I think it best to just head home.

After a final revelation I said Opps it's a rose forum and I best find something fitting but oddly I didn't find a reflection.

Then again maybe I did.

Be the good day

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

awesome pics!


    Bookmark   October 13, 2009 at 2:31PM
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Thank you for posting these. I especially love seeing the fall colors of which don't exist here in low desert AZ.


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Ill trade you a view of some of them red rocks that stick out of the earth. Glad you enjoyed em, there very peek in NH and in the general rose forum theres a very nice spread of pics by far NH is hands down much superior to anything here in Mass

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Beautiful pictures.....I dread the thoughts of winter coming.

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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

wow, all those leaves are so beautiful. We really don't get that here, and I LOVE LOVE love hydrangeas. lovely photos.

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Your pictures are lovely------I especially love the pond pictures. I grew up on a lake and I miss the waterlillies and all the other lovely waterplants---

Thanks for sharing these marvelous pictures

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Very peaceful collection of pictures. I really like the rich blue of the flower.

    Bookmark   October 17, 2009 at 10:35AM
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