avacado trees

Amy - FloridaFebruary 6, 2001

what is grafting and when do you do it??

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Dave - Crystal Beach, Tx

Go to http://www2.dpi.qld.gov.au/dpinotes/hortic/subtropfruit/se95028.html and it will show you everything you need to know. I hope this helps,

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I tried the link you put down, Dave, but it's no longer there.
I'm trying to keep my avacado as healthy as possible, and want it to be an indoor tree (my climate wouldn't allow it to be outside) and want to know what all I have to do. It's my fourth tree, and hasn't been broken by my kids or cats, thankfully, the last one did, but that one seemed to branch out more, after being broken. The top foot was completely broken off, I kept watering it, and it grew back, at an odd angle.
Anyway, if you know of a new link, since my web searches aren't turning anything up, that would be appreciated. Thank you.

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