The ultimate garden handbook

takadi(7)February 22, 2009

I know this forum is technically for kids, but I'm a beginner who wishes for the ultimate gardening handbook that lists behaviors of plants, their needs, recommendations, fertilizer requirements, etc, preferably about herbs. I got the idea when I saw those little information stubs they stick into potted plants when they sell them that tells you when the plant germinates and what you need to do to germinate them, where and when to plant them, how much sun and water and warmth they need, and other stuff. I'm sure there has to be one book out there that is a complete comprehensive guide for all of this

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

What you are looking for is, to my knowledge, not available. If it does, I'm sure you couldn't afford it. I suggest you google the topic your are looking for or google herb society. Another thought, there is a herb forum at this site.

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They sell dictionaries and encyclopedias, why can't they sell affordable plant handbooks? It would just be so epic to buy a new foreign plant, and then pull out your giant trusty handbook to look up everything you need. The air of academic romanticism is definitely a bonus

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naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan(5B SW Michigan)

I find alot of info like that in my FREE Johnny's Selected Seeds catalog. For some seeds it gives basic info: days to germination, sowing time, seeding method, light preferences, plant height, plant spacing, and hardiness zones. For others it give quite detailed cultural information. I especially like some that have seeds photos and charts showing germination success at various temps. I think most of the herbs have basic info and veggies have more details. You can request a free copy at Johnny's website. I save mine each year and pull it out every so often. Guess I really out to order from them a bit more often seeing how I use their catalog so much. Other catalogs have info, too...can't recall others I have that list lots of herbs, though.

The herb forum could probably recommend some good seed catalogs and books. Most of my books are older but several include much of what you want. I'm sure any whould have some gaps, but a local bookstore or library might have one that fills most of your wants.

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