Does anybody know how to raise a Joshua Tree?

creeklandJuly 11, 2007

In September last year, I bought a pack of eight Joshua Tree seeds which came with an instruction manual, a small pot, and soil. Just recently, I got around to planting them and a few successfully sprouted. Unfortunately, the instructions don't have anything on what to do after they sprout. Also, I can't plant them in the soil around my home because I live in Pennsylvania. Could someone please tell me where I could buy some desert soil or how to make some, and how to transplant them without killing them. I will appreciate any advice or any other wisdom.


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Do you have a box store such as Home Depot, Lowes, K-mart, Wal-mart close by? Those stores normally carry what we refer to as "cactus mix". Any brand will do. Joshua Trees are not all that fussy about special soil requirements but do prefer to have good drainage. Or you could just use 2 parts regular potting mix with 1 part perlite added. Let the seedlings develop at least 5-7 leaves then gently use a mini hand towel or tweezers to push the seedling off and plant in a new container with fresh mix. Water well and do let soil dry out between watering.

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Thanks for the information! I looked in a Lowes and found out that they did have the soil brand, but they were out of it. Also, our Wal mart does not carry it. Is there any other information on growing Joshua Trees that I should know? Please tell me if you have any other information since this is my first time growing them.

PS I had planted eight seeds in the beginning of the month. Out of those only three sprouted, but the third one died before it produced its first leaf. The other two so far are doing well.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Don't overwater and give them as much light as possible as they grow. You don't want to fry the seedlings but they are going to need a ton of light later on.

You can make your own cactus mix by adding perlite and sand to potting soil.

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