Gardening ideas for a preschooler?

heidinoel(6 MA)February 22, 2004


I'm new to this web site -- it seems great!

My question: I have an eager-to-garden preschooler. I also have a small container/window box garden (flowers in window boxes, veggies from flats in containers) on my roof deck in our city condo.

I should add, I'm a beginning and not-too-confident gardener.

Does anyone have any ideas for how I can involve my child in gardening? I'm not sure I want her to "help" me with the flowers as I'm a little uncertain myself.

But, I do want to encourage her interest.

Is it enough to have her "help" me plant the veggie flats? Should we start something together from seed?

Any ideas?

Thank you very much!


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You can start with sowing seeds of bush beans. They're large seeds...easy to sow, fast to germinate and make beans that your toddler can eat raw or cooked. Bush beans will do great in containers but they must be kept well watered...expect that on very sunny days you'll need to add up to a gallon of water for a container the size of a five gallon bucket.

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heidinoel(6 MA)

Thank you, Trudi.

That's a terrific idea!

Do I start the beans in small cups and then transfer them to a larger container? Or, just plant them in the container from the start?

How many beans would you suggest that my child plant in one container (say, a 5-gallon container)?

I love the planting / eating idea!


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