Chemically treated lawn OK for kids play?

saly(Z7, NW, USA)February 22, 2006

My garden was and is lush green all thru the fall and winter.

It was chemically treated to attain this result.

The service providers claim that the chemicals they use is safe for kids.

But I still fell it may eb a concern with a toddler at home.

In spring and summers she will be playing in the yard.

Pls advise if it is safe...



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lzygrdner(7 sndy sprngs)

As far as I am concerned, NO. You may want to look up (google) the chemicals they are putting on. Over time most cause cancer, nuerological damage, fertility issues organ damage, etc. herbicides and especially chemical pesticides are designed to make living things die or sterile. People are living things. you might want to check out organic alternatives, is a pretty straight forward catalog.

treated lawns are bad for dogs too, as they roll, lay on them, and eat them. Kids then cuddle with the dog, and so on.

On a grander scale, all the chemicals are washed away into our water supply and rivers causing damage to the entire community.

Sorry to come on strong, I had cancer once and feel that I will do anything to keep anyone else from the pain of that. I really feel that lawn chemicals serve no purpose what so ever, they actually sterilize the soil, the salts and chemicals kill all the microbacteria and other living things in the soil, so over time, you will need more and more for anything green to survive in your yard.

I'm may be really granola, but once you read up on soil structure, it is really mindblowing what is going on under your lawn. It is one of the few things that makes me believe in intelligent design.

Please read up and make a decision...

Thanks, Harriet

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

Please, do some research and do what is healthiest for your family. Your children are much too important to take the question of lawn chemical safety lightly.

We have an organic lawn now, and while it's not picture perfect, we don't have to worry about what our kids are exposed to chemically in the grass. We used synthetic lawn products for only a year after we bought the house, and then I talked my husband into trying to go organic. Now our yard is a HEALTHY place, with fertile soil, plenty of worms and healthy beneficial insects, and healthy plants (all of which were lacking when we bought the house - thatch and hardpan up to the foundation). And, we are parents who don't have to get a PhD to understand the ingredients, disclaimers, and application instructions on the fertilizer containers, or worry about what effect those chemicals are having on their young children. We'll never go back to using the synthetics. There are plenty of alternatives to synthetic fertilizers/herbicides, and even organic lawn care companies for people who can't or don't want to do the lawn upkeep themselves.


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

The biggest problem is that many applicators of weed killers and pesticides be they homeowners or lawn services don't follow the instructions.

2, 4-D is the most common herbicide used on lawns in the USA and the governments of both the USA and Canada do say it is safe IF USED AS DIRECTED.

Whether or not your lawn service uses it as directed is the question. Some nasty effects can happen if they aren't.

Personally, I would not risk my children and I don't risk my furbabies. I don't use chemicals on my lawn or garden except in very controlled situations.

Please read the site below, it is a University fact sheet, not something from a green whacko. ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Fact Sheet on 2,4-D

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I would agree that lawn chemicals can negatively affect infants, even USDA approved ones. Herbicides tend to be more dangerous than fertilizers, but neither are necessary for healthy weed-free lawns.

Unfortunately the remedy is usually more labor-intensive, which might be a problem if you have a regular maintaince crew that takes care of your lawn. I only use fish emulsion for fertilizer and either hand dig weeds or pour boiling water on them. Works for me.

It seems better to err on the side of caution. Childhhood asthma is increasing like crazy and pesticides in kid's food and environment seem to play some part in it, but pinpointing an absolute cause seems difficult.

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Nope, not safe at all. One as prior poster mentioned you aren't sure if they are using the chemical correctly. And second even the most commonly used "safe" chemicals still will cause damage to the human immune/neurological systems. This is magnafied in small children and pets.

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