moxie_melonApril 21, 2009

Several months ago I started some of my tomatoes, cukes, and peppers inside in front of an expansive glass door, as well as numerous other veggies. I didn't expect anything to fruit, it was a project with my nieces. My light source is predominantly indirect (natural) with some indoor grow-lights, and the soil was unremarkable, and probably stressed some of the plants. I've never gardened...but something happened. My tomatoes shot up to five feet in 2 months,and the cherry tomatoes have countless green tomatoes and some that have ripened and that have been delicious. The cukes have been crazy productive, as slicers. The peppers are fruiting/flowering, although they are a bit leggy. (There have been other symptoms, every orchid has thrived, some up to 11 months with almost 20 blooms). If you are still reading, here is my question. Our SQF is now in place, with cages and a total fence, and Mel's mix because I took the concept too literally. Is it ridiculous to try to move out my mature plants, that are in flower and fruit? My squash, bush beans, onions, peas, and 4 squares of lettuce are thriving outside. I started a new group of seeds inside rather late, just in case, but I would love to have a freakishly early harvest first (this is the first week after frost in my zone).

Any advice will be noted for future non-existent prizes. I'm here for the season.

Katie, who has already harvested 30+ salads from indoor -lettuce, spiky cucumbers,and tiny 'maters.

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

Katie - Welcome to the forum. If your plants inside are pretty big, then I would think moving them outside would be tricky, and shocking to them. Quite often, transplants can be stunted for a couple of weeks, after being exposed to their new environment. Anything in the cucurbit family doesn't like their roots disturbed, so I'd be reluctant to move them - if flowering. Bravo on your harvests from the veggies grown indoors!


Here is a link that might be useful: EG's Garden Blog

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You could take suckers off of the tomatoes and root them outside. they'll be big productive plants in no time.

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