Red Yucca (Blooming??)

fliebynightJuly 5, 2009

I have 3 red yucca's that are younger (smaller) and have not bloomed. I started looking around and have seen that some people that have owned the plant for years have yet to see a bloom. Has anyone else had this experience? Do they just need to mature in order to bloom or do some of them just not bloom? Thanks in advance! :)

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I have a few of these plants. I purchase them and they were maybe about 2 years old when I got them and now they are 3.

Out of the 3 I planted...
1 - I gave to my Mom and she planted in a garden that became overgrown. She then removed it from that bed to more sun and it seems to be picking up.
2 - I planted in 6 hrs sun and it shot up an inflorescence a few months after planting then the inflorescence died down then I noticed 2 offsets on this one. It did not bloom this year but it is 3 plants now(I will divide soon)
3 - I planted next to #2 last year and it did nothing at all so I moved it wo a FULL FULL sun area that is dry too and raised bed. It shot its inflorescence up for me early May and it it still looking great now. It also has a baby.

Long story short. Either these bloom every other year(I am not sure if they are biennial). Or just need to establish. I do know that these plants like it very dry and very hot. Ever since I moved #3 last year it has thrived.

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If you mean Hesperaloe parviflora, they like full sun, good drainage, fairly little water, and hot summers.

If you keep dividing and moving them, the may never bloom.

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Thanks for the follow ups! I have mine in an area that is VERY dry and does get full sun so hopefully after they are established or sometime next year they will start to bloom. Being that they are new transplants, I am watering once a week to get them established but will probably cut that back to once every 2 weeks in the near future. Thanks again.

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I hope you can post a photo of your Red Yucca. Thanks.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

they like to grow in a tight cluster of plants that comprise a large plant., so stop dividing them if you want them to look good and bloom lots of stalks.

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