small space for strawberries - soil

hoopsterjMarch 7, 2009

i have placed broken pieces of concrete on the lawn - 7" deep 66" long 36" wide ... little less than half cubic yards of planting mix needed. if i want to plant strawberries, what type of packaged soil would be good (planting mix w/ fertilizer)? What is the size of a normal bag? And while i've placed the pieces in the south part of the house, there are trees/shade  in a suburb north of seattle  will strawberry plants grow (any plants I put in will be "transplanted", or already started)

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heather38(6a E,Coast)

I don't know what the conditions are like in your area, but in the Uk I used to plant my strawberrys in hangers, like other people do flowers, they when sort of trail, and look every pretty, and the sun on the house gave them much more warmth, I just used regular potting soil, advantages are more warmth and less insects and for some reason birds didin't see them! don't know why, disadvantage water, water, water, but I would make this seem! either by puting other plants in pot underneath to catch the excess, which fooled me to believe I was doing two jobs at once, ( a trick my Dad taught me because you really shouldn't use a hose and even fine sprays (or the ones that are drop, drop like rain) and a watering can at that hight forget it!, will take off to much soil,have one of those sprayers for week killer or fertiliser (A SPECIAL ONE which looks totally different from one you put your chemical if you use them, they have a handy long hose so saving your arms or lugging round a step ladder (that said I haven't looked for one in the US but I am assuming they are the same with a hand pump!)

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