Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher Plant bought in kit!

AlmostGreenThumbedMarch 15, 2013

Yesterday evening my boyfriend and I took a trip to our local hardware/gardening center to look at plants and accessories for our upcoming garden in the spring. We had done some research prior on Venus Fly traps and were considering purchasing one from an online source when we stumbled upon a 'Big Biting Plants : Carnivorous Plant Kit' and thought what the hey. Were always up for trying something new and I've always been fascinated by Venus'. We got the kit home and opened it up to find some soil, a tiny square plastic pot, some sphagnum moss and a 'dormant' VFT and Pitcher plant. I followed the instructions that came with them, but even as I planted them in the tiny pot together I KNEW something could not be right. Shouldn't plants have bigger pots and shouldn't they be planted separately? Well, I watered them, and set them in the window that does not receive direct sunlight, but will get a nice light, and went to sleep. Now, this morning, I am calling out for some help. I want to be the best plant owner, and naturally will do anything and buy anything needed for these two plants to survive in my care. I would just like some help from you guys! How big of a pot should each plant be potted in? How much water daily or weekly? How much sunlight? I already have read that the VFT needs distilled water weekly, kept moist by misting and only need to be fed insects once a month if anything. I've also read to introduce the VFT to sunlight a little bit at a time. I know nothing about Pitcher plants :/ Please help!
-Mother of Pitchy and Trappy

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Those are little babies. My most prolific Venuse fly trap is one that came in a kit from Walmart. It has made dozens of divisions over the many years that I have had it. The pitcher plant and venus fly trap need sunshine, rain water or bottled pure water not tap water and a dormant time to rest in the winter. If you do not have hard freezes, they can stay outdoors all winter. The potting soil that works best for me is a half peat/half perlite mix that I get very soggy with rain water. The venus fly traps i put in a pot with a drain hole and then place in a bowl with water up to half way up the pot. The pitcher plant can have water higher. It is fun to have the carniverous plants close by to watch them. I give a lot of carniverous plants away to kids, but only after they can pass a test for caring for them. I hope that your plants are still alive.

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