Horticultural Therapy Program Grants

froghollowMarch 17, 2003

I work at a school for kids with developmental disabilities. We have a great hort therapy program and would like to expand it.

I can find grants for seeds and tools and even a greenhouse, which we already have, but can't find any for program development.

Might anyone have suggestions for us?

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I'll paste in the link for NY Representative Carolyn McCarthy's website. She has numerous grant resources to follow.


Here is a link that might be useful: Grants resources

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Thanks, Trudi.

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KCtomato1(z5/6 KC, Mo)

Try contacting Dr Richard Mattson at Kansas State University

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I am so Thankful for this info. ! I would be so very pleased to hear from either of you. I KNOW if is the field of study I want to go into, I just don't know where to start. My situation is slightly different from most.

Please contact me ?
Thank you,

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