Children's Vegetable Garden

lavender_lass(4b)March 19, 2010

I have the little Peter Rabbit potager planned for the little ones (nieces, nephews and friends who visit) but I want to plan a larger vegetable garden for the older kids.

This would be for our use too, but so many of the kids who visit don't have gardens of their own (we live in the country) so I want to include things they can grow and take home.

My 10 year-old nephew is really interested and loves melons and pumpkins. We have an old metal gazebo top (about 2' tall and 7' across) that has the four curved sides coming from a central top piece. Well, it's always looked like a big spider to me, so we call it spidey. My nephew has decided to paint it black (it's a little rusty) and use it in his garden area, for growing gourds, cucumbers, mini-pumpkins, etc. on the "legs". He also wants to plant melons between each "leg" but due to lack of space, we'll probably grow bush type watermelons.

He also wants a bean teepee (made out of bamboo poles I have from last year) and maybe some flowers to attract bugs. I told him about companion planting and he's very interested. He's planning to put radishes and nasturtiums around his squash and maybe some tomatoes, basil and marigold together.

Although we have some ideas, I'd love to hear any other suggestions. Thank you!

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I'm thinking of adding red raspberries to one side of the garden, on the outside of the fence. Boyne and Nova are supposed to be good...any recommendations?

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