found praying mantis egg sac

libbypittsburgh(5/6 Pittsburgh)March 26, 2006


I've found several other praying mantis posts in this forum, and decided it would be a good place for my question:

I was cutting down my ornamental grasses today and found what I know is a praying mantis egg sac attached to a couple of grass stems. Having cut the grass, I was afraid the sac might blow away and get hurt, so I tucked in under some English ivy a few inches down in a place where no one will walk.

Is it safe there? I like having them in the garden and don't want to hurt the chances of having some hatch. By the way, when do they hatch, or is there a certain temperature range when they do?

Thank so much!


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singingcrk(z6 KY)

Hi, Libby!
I was just passing through and noticed your post, thought I'd throw in my two cents! :o)

We have found several egg cases around here, and since I knew they would probably be mowed down, I've moved them. I sometimes will take the stick/stem it's attached to, and stick it in the ground somewhere else. I've also stuck them in with other plants in a container on my porch. I think yours will be fine. They hatch once the weather is warm, but I'm not sure of the temperature. We even had some hatch in the house this winter!!! (A praying mantis had been in the house last fall, she left an egg sac up inside the corner of a window. When the weather got cold, we turned on a heater near the window, and they hatched!)

Hoping you see lots of babies in your garden this year,

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It is okay to re-position them anywhere. You should put them up off the ground, because ants like to eat the eggs. When I find them low down, I just put them in the crotches of trees.

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