Is my fig dying?

cactus_dude(Tucson)August 19, 2004

I think I've really messed up my Ficus petiolaris. A few days ago I fertilized it with Miracle Gro all purpose liquid fertilizer. Since then, all the leaves are drooping and starting to feel a little dried up. The plant is looking very bad. I didn't even mean to fertilize it, but I forgot that the jug of water that I used had the fertilizer in it for my wife's flowers. I'm really bummed, because prior to my boneheaded mistake, the plant was really thriving. Is this the end, or is the plant just in shock? Is there anything I can do? Any advice is really appreciated.

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Hi;- I would not give up on it yet. Generally, I find them to be extraordinarily tough. I completely defoliate
mine several times a year to reduce the leave size without a problem. I would try flooding the plant down
with water then move it to the strongest light possible. I would not water again until I see it starting to
put on growth. Good Luck!

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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ironcloudz(Albuquerque, NM)

two of our newly-planted figs dropped their leaves and completely recovered with more robust growth then before. I think this is cause the nurseries raise them under shade cloth and our strong sun requires that they re-adjust.

Don't give up on it.


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