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Yellow22(7PA/NJ)March 21, 2004

In a few week I'll a group with me on my job at an Arboretum. I haven't thought about how the day is going to be planned yet. Looking for ideas here. There's some teak furniture that needs to be sanded and oiled. Do you think they wouldn't mind doing something like that for a few hours. I'm just worried that all day gardening wouldn't be all that much fun. I was thinking about some kind of craft project that they could bring home. I'm open for suggestions about anything that could be done this all this time. I'd like to be able to have it open as to what we can do because I'm not sure what their attitudes are like. Thanks for at least encouragement. I haven't had this oppertunity before other than short amounts of time and with butterfly programs.

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I'm so glad that it has been canceled due to the person organizing is ill. Next week I'll start with a 20 year old, must be an eagle scout, who needs 90 hours of community service. This help will be much better for me.

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lauramay67(8 TX)

It sounds like you lucked out. Out of curiosity, freshman in highscool or college? and are they kids that are having to be there as requirement or did they choose to come spend time there?

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