Shrub suggestions??

Sequoiadendron4(6B)August 26, 2013

Hello, I live in PA and have a bi-level house. The front of the house is on the southern side and this is where the second floor overhang is. Right now I have three holly bushes planted at the drip line. They are not doing very well because there is very little rain that reaches them. Rain rarely comes from the south here and mostly falls from the north. This leaves the bed very dry. I am looking to replace these and figured some of you could offer suggestions for what type of shrubs work in the west. The location gets full sun all day and probably 10" of rain a year. I am looking for something evergreen that flowers. Please let me know of any suggestions, thanks!

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You would get better answers in a forum for your region. The "Southwest" doesn't extend to Pennsylvania, and we are quite clueless about what would grow well there.

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