Zinnias not blooming

AlexCaponeAugust 28, 2013

I just moved to El Paso the first week in June and I sowed my zinnias almost as soon as we get here. I did two varieties, a large and a small type, but I'm not sure the actual name or anything. The small ones are blooming just fine, though they're not as tall as I expected. But my large zinnias don't even have buds on them yet! I don't know if it's just sub par soil conditions, they're really only in sand :/, or what but I have fertilized twice and they're still doing nothing. Any help from a desert garden veteran would be greatly appreciated because I moved here from Georgia so all my gardening skills were learned in a very different climate so I have no idea what I'm doing out here.

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I can't specifically answer your question, because I'm just a novice myself, but I have some ideas for you. My first thought is just too hot -- don't expect your Georgia flowers and plants to do well here. They say not to plant anything in June here at all. Heat stress kills 'em.

Start to learn about native desert plants --they're the only ones to do well unless you really want to water, water, water, and baby, baby, baby them. And water is very precious here!

I am learning and have found several good resources. Look on the web for El Paso Master Gardeners and Dona Ana County Master Gardeners. Texas A&M website also has great info.

There are also several good books about southwest and desert gardening. None of them have zinnias.

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thank you for the advice. i researched a lot before we moved here and zinnias were on most of the lists of plants that do well in the desert. i just think they're not getting the nutrients they need because i didn't amend the soil before i planted them. that's on the list for anything i plant next year!

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