azalia care?

kelly(z4/5WI)March 31, 2001

If you've had some success with Azalias, please let me know the key points. (This is for the growing season in the North Texas area.)Also need info for lillys.



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Hi Kelly. You are a transplant from the North aren't you? We always want that which won't grow in where ever we live. The only place in TX where Azaleas really do well is Far East TX where they have acidic soil. The soils in the rest of the state are very alkaline which is lethal to Azaleas, Rhodies, Camillias, Gardenias and the like. You can plant them in raised beds filled with an acidic soil but the water is also alkaline and turns the most acidic soil alkaline after a while. Then you'll need to acidify with those special acid loving fertilizers and/or acidify the water you use. It's a big pain and most people give up after having killed numerous plants.
There are a few of the true lilies that do okay here (Stargazer came back for me for several years) but they really don't like the summers much and I don't think they get enough chilling in the winter usually. Daylilies, however, do great. Tiger lilies will also naturalize. There is a great book called "Gardening in Difficult Soils" which is mostly for Texas gardeners and has tons of information on plants that actually like it here. Not jsut natives but other adaptable plants. check it out.

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Kelly, Don't feel bad, I am a Northern transplant in Florida. Although I am a Master Gardener, I too HAD to try and defeat local conditions by planting old favorites.
12 years later, I have learned to love my sandy soil, and really enjoy locally adapted plants.
It seems to be part of the transfer process.

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Leonard_Pedregon(z9 Ca)

Greetings, well can somebody tell me why my azalia blooms then in a month or two its dead? We have put it into the ground in different locations, same dead results, hey how about a pot, you guessed it dead. I know I have a little bit of a green thumb. I also enjoy the art of bonsai for the past 20 plus years. So please help, I don't want to kill another azalia!!!

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Don't give up!~ There are several types of acidifyers that are liquid and easily available. Potting the azalia helps, and when you feed it on a regular basis, and stop feeding for blooming season. My azalia is slowly taking over the side of the apartment building for the second time since I bought it. The management had it cut down 2 years ago so they could paint, and it's already more than half way back up. Also remember that there are many types of azalias, some for shade (that's what I have) and some that require full sun. When you pot, you have to balance between the need for more water, and getting root rot. I add charcoal (the kind you buy for gardening or your fish tank,not the bar-b-que)at the very bottom of all of my pots to add extra oxygen and to keep the drainage clear. be sure you water only with treated (acidified) water, and cover the base of the tree with plastic when it rains. Use untreated water when you want blooms,(depending on your blooming season)plant WILL NOT BLOOM WHEN IT'S BEING FED!! This is the only plant I know of that reacts this way. Good luck, and enjoy your azalia!!

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Hi there :)

I tink my azalias are doing ok . All except one :( I am new to the planting world and hate to see a plant die . A tiny bit of the leaves are slightly browning and looks like wilting a bit . Can I save her ? I planted with Azalia planting mix . I have not yet bought acidifyers yet , will this help ? Could grub worms also be a problem ?

Thank you

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We follow the philosophy that it is redundant to plant what grows here. Why not something else. OK, we dug up the soil where we wanted the azalias and amended it with sphagnum and potting soil. We have kept it covered with sphagnum and mulch and ferterlized regularly with acidic fert. and epsom salts from any drugstore. For the past five years we have had magnificant flowers. It does take a bunch of work however. Good luck.

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Hoiw far do you cut Azaias back?? Do you have to cut
all the dead blooms off when trimming them??

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