Trees, spiles, buckets-yum!

oldmomMarch 12, 2002

What am I referring to? Maple sugaring, of course. If you live in an area where you do this, try & get your child to see it. Springtime for me in Northern Wisconsin is seeing my next-door neighbor's buckets hanging on the sugar maples. Though I don't had a "sugarbush", we've taken our daughter to one. I'm also involved in putting together an exhibit for our local Children's Museum called, "The Story of Maple Sugar Making". This is going to contrast the old and the new ways of maple sugaring---Ojibwe style. (A collaborative effort between 2 museums, 2 cities & 2 cultures).

If you live near sugar maples, in Fall, do you recall that the leaves have the sweet fragrance of maple sugar?

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Oh wow that really jogged a childhood memory for me. I grew up in northern Minnesota (Chippewa Nt'l Forest) and remember sneaking in tastes of and passing around little sandwich bags of maple sugar in class. Nothing sweeter. I haven't had it since I was kid. Of course, kids probably pass around different things in sandwich bags now.....

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