mimosa pudica or venus fly trap seeds

EileenApril 19, 2003

does anyone have any of these for a homeschooling project for my 11 yr old twin girls. they are unusual & unique plants to study. my children will think they are having fun but actually they will be learning. hoping to turn them into GW traders !

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I would be interested in Venus Fly Trap seeds myself. I have a 7 yr old son who looks for these everywhere we go. If anyone knows where to get them he would be so excited!

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wildbill(6 CT)

You might try on the Carnivorous Plant Forum under "Exchanges". FYI - it takes a few years for seeds of VFT's to develop into into a plant the size that kids will appreciate. For about the first year, the traps are only around or less than 1/8th of an inch!

I would suggest starting with mature plants. One thing you CAN do is take leaf cuttings. For those interested in these plants, I would suggest getting from the library a copy of the book, The Savage Garden, by Peter D' Amato. It's excellent & is considered the bible of Carnivorous plants.

I have some VFT's & Sundews for trade. Please email me off this list.

Also, for anyone in the New England area, check out the New England Carnivorous Plant Society, www.NECPS.org. We have monthly meetings and it's a great way to pick up plants through trade, demonstrations, and silent auction!!!!(from people who grow them right! - not those half dead things you see at local stores.)


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olemaitre(7B Belgium)

For mimosa pudica seeds, you can try Thompson&Morgan



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