Monocots or Dicots?

Souta13(Hardy Zone (8))April 4, 2004

I was asked, which came first, monocots or dicots. Does anyone here know? Thanks

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I would think you would need a first to evolve to 2?! the egg came first because dinosaurs were egg layers and there were no chickens then so eggs came first. I would think this would have no relevance though! lol

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Souta13(Hardy Zone (8))

lol, =D
I knew i would have gotten an answer like this. haha, I didnt know where to put this question at first, my sister is taking biology and on one of the tests the question asked which came first, monocots of dicots. She asked me, and I didnt know, so I went out to try and find the answer, and was just wondering if anyone else happened to know. Thanks Anyways,
These jokes... there was a poll at school, just for fun, it was the the question, if a bottle w/ water is half full, half Empty, or....what..
we got some strange answers... for a "simple" question... but i went with full, =D hehe (i'm taking chemistry so... i also counted the gases along with the water) lol.

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Propaganda Garden Design

Dicots came first

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