Cages, Stakes, Trellis?

new-in-gaApril 8, 2009

I posted a similar message in the Veggie forum, so my apologies if you're seeing this for the second time.. I was redirected here since I'll be using the SFG method (I didn't even realize this forum existed!). :-D

My questions are regarding various types of plant supports. I'd like to know what your preferred methods of supports are for tomatoes, bell peppers, pole beans, and cucumbers. I plan on spacing the taller plants 1/sf with smaller shade-loving plants in between in order to maximize space.

If you use a trellis as support for tomatoes and peppers, would one trellis, built in between the rows of tomatoes and peppers, provide adequate support for these plants (if grown on both sides of the trellis)? Also, what materials do you use to construct your trellis?

If you like to grow your pole beans on tee-pees, how do you work spacing - and how many vines to you allow for each leg of the teepee?



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sinfonian(U8b A2 S5 SeaWA)

My tomatoes get individual cages for the heavy vines and then I train them through a trellis made of nylon mesh with 6 inch holes. My supports (8 foot 2x4s) are attached to my beds. You can see examples from last year on my blog.

I don't do peppers, but my pole beans went next to my tomatoes on the same trellis. Granny did a Tee Pee last year.

Good luck and welcome.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinfonian's garden adventure

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