Topdress St. Augustine grass

roby_tijerinaAugust 3, 2013


Our lawn was very uneven and the quality of our soil was very poor. It was compact and clay like with a lot of cement chunks and construction debris so our grass was not growing deep roots. My husband had the grand idea have our contractor lay down soil all over the yard to level it and this would eventually give our grass a better layer of soil to work with.

When I went out to see the finished product, our grass was pretty much completely covered except for some patches. There must be at least 1 to 2" of soil cover on most areas. My husband has been watering hoping the grass will grow through. He left on a business trip and asked me to take over the watering. I noticed that this is just a muddy mess!! With our scorching summer in deep south Texas, the Rio Grande Valley to be specific, the mud is then drying up into a compact cement-like surface. I just dont see how the grass will ever "find the light" and penetrate that thick soil. I am afraid it will die.

It has only been a week since the soil was put in. The people just laid it with shovels and didn't even rake it or use any leveling tools and there are thick, solid chunks of soil all over that look like rocks but disintegrate when stepped on. This just doesn't look like it has a bright future.

HELP! Is there any way to save this??? Or any ideas on how to improve this mess?? Should I keep watering? Should I aerate? Add compost? Fertilizer??

I must also mention that I don't know what type of soil this is. It looks like native soil, with tree debris in it. I doubt this is any type of special, modified or enhanced soil.

Please help! Thanks!

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really sad looking, and sad for you.

look on the bright side -- if it dies, you can plant something that's water wise and native to your area that will actually thrive instead of always struggling.

I don't mean to be personal, or harsh, but I'm pretty anti-lawn these days, and unfortunately I don't have any practical experience to tell you what might be helfpul.

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