What are your plans this year?

moonsanity(Zone 5)April 2, 2008

What are your plans for gardening with your kids or grandkids this year? My daughter is 8, and a little garden geek. She LOVES planting, sowing, harvesting and smelling the herbs. We will plant calendula and nasturtiums again plus morning glories. She's made me promise we will get bleeding hearts again. We had to leave our behind when we moved a couple of years ago. We have ten acres now and tons of room to grow things. We are expanding our herb garden this year, which she helped design. She also wants to plant an apple tree.

Anyone else?

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bleeding hearts? you want mine? haha. i'm a teenager who is currently trying to convince my parents (well, more my dad, my mother thinks it's a good idea) that i can take care of my own little spot in the yard. until then, i've been doing some not-so-fun yardwork and planting some flora where i can. just yesterday i ripped up a carpet of some out of control lily of the valley to make room for some different more well behaved plants.

the most i've gotten so far in terms of 'my own space' is an out of the way shaded spot that is blocked by the pool. but beggars can't be choosers, right? i removed a dead juniper-esque bush (it's been there forever.) and lots of bleeding hearts (they really do spread readily in the shade here. they're very pretty and i have some growing between some rocks in a different part of the plot.) and various weeds.

those are my plans.

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moonsanity(Zone 5)

How is it going? With all that work you are doing you should be able to convince your mom to give you your own little area!

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