Please help me identify a tree

jaeeksAugust 21, 2004

I recently moved into a home that has the strangest looking tree. I can't seem to find any information on it so far.


It's about 6 feet tall with a long, slender, smooth, green trunk. It branches out into vertical string bean looking bunches. It almost looks like a succulent of some sort. It hasn't flowered and I don't know if it will. It was dormant when I moved in and started growing the "string bean" looking things around May.

Any suggestions?

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I am intrigued. You really should try to get a picture posted for us in order to aid in identifying.

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dogpatchlady(z9 s of Hou)

May be a Palo Verde. Cercidium. Hard on people with allergies and asthma.

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Desert Willow? IF the house is new and the planting relative new the tree has a long way to go. Gets huge. We had one that lifted our block fence after about 5 years. It sheds pods and 'strings' profusely. Messy.

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Thank you for all your responses so far. When looking further into the Palo Verde suggestion and pictures of them it sounded right until the description mentioned thorns - this one has no thorns. Do they have a thornless version? Also, I can't really tell whether it is going to doesn't look like it so far.

The desert willow decription says it has bark and brown bark, no brown. It's all green.

I'll try to get a picture posted.

This tree is potted in a very large pot

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eileenaz(9, Sunset 12)

Could it be a pencil euphorbia? Or a bottle tree, maybe? Try a Google search in the Images section for those two.

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THAT'S IT! It's a Pencil Euphorbia! Thank you EileenAZ for helping me identify it.

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