Aspen or birch like tree?

sherbsterAugust 28, 2012

A total newbie here. I am looking for tree recommendations. I really, really love Aspen and Birch trees. I know Aspen are a complete no-go, but the Birch seems like it might be a possibility? I have seen some around my neighborhood. Is it a bad idea? I want to be more water wise and would love to know if there is a similar feeling tree that would be better in my area. It will be pretty much full sun, zone 9, Los Angeles foothills.

I have a whole yard to landscape. I went to the Theodore Payne CA Native nursery last weekend and my eyes and ears are open to learning more!

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Pale barked trees for zone 9?

Acacia willardiana (check frost tolerance)
several of the small eucalyptus species

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Also check out Desert willow.

Looks not much like an aspen, but they are lovely small trees, and hardy.

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If you are looking for a tree with smooth white bark there aren't many choices. Eucalyptus would probably be your best bet - Ghost Gum specifically. Arizona Sycamore is the only other option I can think of but it looks a bit sad during the intense heat of summer.

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Crape Myrtle has a nice looking light colored bark

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