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meimei007March 28, 2008

Let's do a swap on anything edible!!! I am making the due date soon, so we all have time to plant. Seeds should be no older than 2007.

Please have all seeds to me by April 15, and I will have all seeds in the mail by April 21st.

If you are looking for something specific, send a want list (but know that you may not get everything on it!).

There are not too many rules for this swap other than being edible, but do not send in more than 5 packs of the same seed, so we can have a variety. Also send SASE and enough postage for me to return your seeds.....

The address to send seeds to is:

Rebecca McMurrin

340 Gary Way

North Salt Lake, UT 84054

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Just to make this swap a little different, I thought we could post what we are going to send in to trade and what we are interested in. For example you can post that you are sending in watermelon, armenian cucumbers and Lisbon onions, and you are interested in the lemon cucumbers that flwrs4evr sent in.

Here is a partial list of the edibles that I am going to put in this swap:
Watermelon: Sugar Baby
Beans: Malibu (Pole)
Beans: Royal Purple
Beans: Cascade Giant Pole
Lettuce: Grands Rapids
Lettuce: Sampler
Lettuce: Mesclum
Lettuce: Butter Crunch
Pumpkin: Heirloom, White and Sweet Meat
Cucumber: National Pickling and Lemon
Radish: Watermelon
Onion: White Lisbon Bunching
Onion: Tokyo White Bunching
Lima Bean: King of the Garden
Chervil: Curled
Salad Burnet
Pepper: Hungarian Wax
Kohlrabi: Early White Vienna
Kale: Dwarf Blue Curled
Calendula (edible flower)
Viola: Helen Mount (edible flower)
Beet: Yellow Detroit
Nasturtium (edible flower)
Parsley: Italian Flat Leaf
Basil: Lemon

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