suggest white fleshed watermelon for kids garden

tumblingtomatoesApril 29, 2009

Hi everyone! Can someone tell us anything about any of the varieties of white fleshed watermelons? Would any do well here in Florida for a kid's garden? They're fascinated with the idea that there are watermelons other than red inside! We've found several choices out there:

Cream of Saskatchewan

Japanses white fleshed Suka

White Sugar Lump

White Wonder

C.S. White Flesh

But we need some advice from other more experienced gardeners! Also some melon suggestions for kids garden (small melons). Thanks everyone!

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white fleshed watermelons are a rare variety of watermelon that as far as I know are some what challenging to grow but if you want white fleshed watermelon seeds this site has some of the best prices that I have found as well as no buying limit as well as watermelons that have many differnt colored flesh (the inside) including deep red, pink, white, yellow, and orange this site has most of the types you listed and then some and because of the low prices you can try out differnt types I personaly sugest the Colorado Preserving/Red Seeded Citron this watermelon is easy to grow, are resistent to almost every thing yeilds fruit that are about 10 pounds and have white flesh and red seed although the fruit are not good to eat fresh they are usable in many holiday recipes and will keep for months but they are rock hard but I do beleive that the site is temporarily out of stock of these seeds

Here is a link that might be useful: rare seeds

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