How do I reduce heat from block wall?

neurothAugust 16, 2013

The only convenient place to put my garden is in a corner with one block wall facing east and one facing south. These walls produce so much heat it kills the plants. Any ideas of something I could drape or attach to the wall to help reduce the amount of heat they radiate? I'm in a controlled suburban area so it can't be seen over the wall and it needs to be somewhat temporary so I can remove it without damaging the wall too much. Please help!

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shadecloth? plant vines against the wall? plant native adapted plants. Are you talking about vegie gardens? remember that "full sun" in most parts of the country does NOT mean "full sun" in the SW

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Will they allow vines to show over the wall? A trellis with vines would be great for heat-loving vines and would cut the heat.

If not, a trellis that doesn't show, but with shade cloth to shade the wall and block the reflected heat.

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