Arbutus Marina aka Strawberry Tree

runaround(SoCal USDA 10)August 18, 2010


ItÂs me againÂÂI know so little about growing tress and I appreciate everyoneÂs help.

I planted 2 Strawberry Trees in April. One was a younger tree probably 1 - 2 years old and the other a more mature tree probably 4+ years old. both we in 24 inch boxes from the nursery. The larger tree is planted at the west side of my yard and the smaller at the east side. My home faces south so they are on the north side of the house.

The younger one has done phenomenally and the older one has had some struggles.

I attributed the struggles that larger tree has endured were transplanting related and it did seem to be doing OK. But IÂve seen some changes in the larger tree in recent days. The leaves are drooping and some have some browning. The browning is not pervasive, but it is concerning. I would appreciate any suggestions to remedy this condition. Please note, itÂs the hottest season in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. The temperature currently is 96 Degrees cooling to 65 degrees overnight.

Also, on the larger tree, should I be pruning off the longer branches that have lost their leaves between the truck and tippy top of the limb or will they fill in at a later date. Those leaves were lost just after planning the tree in April. I assumed it was transplant trauma.

Photos can be seen at

Thank you,


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