New to SFG and vegetable gardening

wigalApril 24, 2009

Okay, I've built my two little boxes (a 4 x 4 west side and a 4 x 3 east side) my plan was to put trellis on the north side of both boxes (4 ft side of both) and on the eastern most side of the east box. For the 4 x 3 box my plan was to put in 7 tomato plants (Early girl and roma) on the outer edge and the back edge of the 4x4 box will have a Sugar Baby watermelon (2 sq ft) and a square of cucumber. Then I get lost with what to plant where. It is way to early to put those things in but I get mixed up in my head about the rest.

Any suggestions would be a huge help it's like I am frozen for fear of doing it wrong.

I would like to plant:

lettuce (romaine and ice berg)



bell peppers (several plants)


The boxes get sun from about 10am on so I should be okay there. I am thinking of putting in soaker hoses but have not decide on that.

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None of your plants really need to go in a certain spot. The lettuce and broccoli might like some shade if it gets pretty hot in your area, but other than that, just stick it in somewhere.

They won't mind. Just give them some sun and you'll be fine.

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