Halloween Blooms

bethnorcal9October 31, 2010

We just had a couple days of rain, and today it's been nice and sunny and not so cold, yet. I think we're going to have a mild winter. (but of course, I could be wrong!)

Here's what's popped out today





MACHO MAN - putting on a good show til the end!



POMPEII - one of the few roses I have with RMV, but the blooms are so lovely, I can't dig it up...







and one of my crazy salvias:


And here's a pic of our dog Katie on the front porch today. She's going to be gone soon. She's got some internal disorder that causes fluid buildup outside her lungs. We took her to the vet almost 5 weeks ago and were told it's a sign of an underlying problem, most likely cancer. We couldn't afford the cost of all the tests to find out what's wrong with her, so they just drained the fluids out so she could breathe. She almost died there at the vet's before they did so... her tongue was dark blue and she was heaving and heaving trying to breathe. We decided to bring her home and let her be comfortable until the fluids built up again. Unfortunately, they have again and she hasn't eaten much the last week. We thought she was going to go on her own a few nights ago, but she just keeps perking back up for a few days. It's been really hard. I feel she should be put down because she clearly is having a hard time breathing. But my husband is having a hard time dealing with it. It's so hard to know when the time is right. It's horrible to have to deal with trying to make the right decision when a beloved pet is suffering. I'm not a "dog person" but she has been a great dog, and it's so hard to see her like this. But she's still hanging in there and even went out and greeted some Trick-or-Treaters just a few minutes ago.


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the_bustopher z6 MO

I see your flowers are still going also. You have some nice ones that are still in there trying. Mine are still going along also. We did have a light frost, but they are still going.

I am sorry for your dog. Animals can be such good companions. I just hope that when that right time comes, whatever that is and whenever it is, that it won't be too traumatic for you. It is hard to have to say goodbye to someone you care about.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

So sorry to hear about Katie, I'll send prayers Katie's way!
And thanks for sharing those great rose photo's!

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Seeing a sick pet just break our hearts. We lost our dog 8 months ago and although knowing he was old and that we gave him a good life we are still dealing with the pain. I'm sorry to hear about Katie and I hope you and your husband have the strengh for this difficult time. They said that when a beloved animal is ready to go it would let the master know just by the look in the eyes. Our prayers are with Katie.

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Aw, that is so heartbreaking. Sooo very sorry to hear it. Praying for you dear, your hubby, and Katie. Thank you for the lovely photos.


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I understand how painful it can be to make this painful decision about a beloved pet.

We've had to do this a couple of times and the pain was difficult to bear.

Your roses are lovely and I hope the beauty will help ease your pain.

Thinking of you,

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I understand how painful it can be to make this painful decision about a beloved pet.

We've had to do this a couple of times and the pain was difficult to bear.

Your roses are lovely and I hope the beauty will help ease your pain.

Thinking of you,

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I am very sorry about your dog. Making these decisions can be so difficult but you will get through this.

Wonderful roses! I love Shi-un especially, and also Country Lady with the pumpkin flag:-)


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Thank you all! I did not intend to make this a post about Katie, really. I just added her in as I had taken her picture when I went out to see the roses. But this is something we've been agonizing over for nearly 5 weeks. Waterjasmin, you are right about the animals letting you know with their eyes. That's why my husband can't bring himself to take her in yet. She's "still there." Our last dog Goldie (and MY first dog, as I'm a cat person) was so tragic, because we had just moved into our house and hadn't noticed her slipping away because we were so busy moving in. Just one day, we noticed she was out front in the yard, circling around and stopping to urinate every few minutes. My husband called her over and sat with her, and when he looked into her eyes, he said they were blank. She was clearly "gone." Of course it always ends up being on the weekend when these things happen. He and his sister took her to the animal hospital down the hill and put her to sleep. I couldn't go. It was too hard. But this is why he doesn't want to take Katie in yet. She still has that sparkle in her eyes and still responds to us. But she is getting so thin, and won't eat hardly anything. I don't know how she keeps going.

Thank you all again for your kind, heart-felt prayers and well wishes.

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Oh Beth,...I want you to know how very sorry I am for you and your husband and the decision you will need to make. Katie is a beautiful dog and I can only imagine the grand companion she has been. I too, believe that they let you know when they are ready to go. You can see it in their eyes. Please know your family will be in my heart and I can tell you that my girls Lucy , Katie and Kelsey will be waiting on that Rainbow Bridge to run and romp with your sweet Katie! Sending hugs..... Lesley

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I'm really sorry about your dog. We went through the same thing at the end of last winter. What helped was having people who cared and understood what we were going through. You sure have a lot of people here who care. I hope you and your husband can take some comfort in that.
P.S. Beautiful roses.

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Thanks Lesley and Kitty. Yes, I do appreciate all the wonderful caring people here on the Forum. You guys are all great!

Well, we almost put Katie down yesterday, but just couldn't do it. The vet gave us some more diuretics to try and get the fluids out of her so she could breathe better. She hadn't eaten much for over a week, and we discovered why while we were at the vet's. We never really noticed her teeth were decaying. Apparently, she's had such rotten teeth and gums, that her teeth have all broken off. That's why she wasn't eating. We never gave her canned food before, but now that's all we'll be able to give her because she can't chew anything anymore. My husband was searching online all last night and we think maybe her gum disease may be what brought on the fluid buildup outside her lungs. If we would've been better "doggie parents" we could've caught it earlier and maybe she wouldn't have gotten sick. So everybody out there who has a dog.... please check their teeth often so your dog doesn't get sick from gum disease or infection. We never even thought about it. We always gave her the biscuit bones that are supposed to help keep the teeth clean, but obviously that wasn't enough. We failed her, unfortunately with our busy lives. My husband has decided we won't get another dog after she's gone. It's just too hard.

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Maryl zone 7a

Beth: My heart goes out to you and your husband. This is such a tough time. Like you I'm a cat person who just happened to fall in love with a dog. Happy passed away in 1999, yet I still have her ashes in a box on my hearth so that we can all still be warm and close to each other... You have not failed your companion. You have given her the one thing that all dogs need the most. Love. My prayers are for you and Katie tonight......Maryl

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